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First quantum dot display manufactured

A new QD monochrome display demonstrates the manufacturability and commercial feasibility of quantum dot technology as a foundation for the next generation of displays.

Posted: Jun 23rd, 2006

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First method to sort nanotubes by size developed

Rice University scientists have developed the first method for sorting semiconducting carbon nanotubes based on their size, a long-awaited development that could form the basis of a nanotube purification system.

Posted: Jun 23rd, 2006

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When gold becomes a catalyst

Researchers in Europe have monitored the catalytic process and proposed an explanation for the high catalytic activity of gold.

Posted: Jun 22nd, 2006

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Buckyballs boost antibody chemotherapy payload

In the ongoing search for better ways to target anticancer drugs to kill tumors without making people sick, researchers find that nanoparticles called buckyballs might be used to significantly boost the payload of drugs carried by tumor-targeting antibodies.

Posted: Jun 21st, 2006

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Researchers discover how to focus on tiniest of the very small

Researchers have developed a technique to get a closer-than-ever look at individual atoms within crystal molecules -- allowing them, for the first time, to see the polarity, or physical alignment, of those constituent atoms and to get a view of the smaller atoms.

Posted: Jun 20th, 2006

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