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Substantial increase of EU Research Grants - SusChem organizes FP7 info-day 2010 for the chemical industry

In 2010 several hundreds of millions of Euros will be available for funding innovative projects in the chemical industry for instance in FP7 NMP (Nano-Materials-Production) with topics such as modelling and control of intensified process systems for chemical and biotechnological processes and new materials for new energy efficient building components or lighter vehicles.

Jun 7th, 2010

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A new approach to finding and removing defects in graphene

Researchers pinpointed noncarbon atoms that create defects when graphene is produced through a technique called graphene-oxide reduction. The researchers also propose how to make that technique more efficient by precisely applying hydrogen - rather than heat - to remove the impurities.

Jun 6th, 2010

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Novel way of revealing 3-D internal cell structure

Three-dimensional imaging is dramatically expanding the ability of researchers to examine biological specimens, enabling a peek into their internal structures. And recent advances in X-ray diffraction methods have helped extend the limit of this approach.

Jun 5th, 2010

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Nanomedicine in The Netherlands - new report

Nanotechnology promises employment, sustainability and health. The Dutch government invests heavily in it. But how do we achieve these promises? In preparation for a parliamentary debate about nanotechnology on 21 April 2010, the Rathenau Institute initiated a working visit of MPs to one of the most promising areas of its application: healthcare.

Jun 4th, 2010

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