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Could aluminum nitride be engineered to produce quantum bits?

Currently, one of the leading methods for creating qubits in materials involves exploiting the structural atomic defects in diamond. But several researchers believe that if an analogue defect could be engineered into a less expensive material, the cost of manufacturing quantum technologies could be significantly reduced.

May 2nd, 2016

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Clay nanotube-biopolymer composite scaffolds for tissue engineering

Researchers combined three biopolymers, chitosan and agarose (polysaccharides), and a protein gelatine, as the materials to produce tissue engineering scaffolds and demonstrated the enhancement of mechanical strength (doubled pick load), higher water uptake and thermal properties in chitosan-gelatine-agarose hydrogels doped with halloysite.

Apr 29th, 2016

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What is a quantum spin liquid?

Quantum spin liquid comes in several different varieties with subtly different properties, but that they all share the ability to support peculiar quantum mechanical phenomena.

Apr 29th, 2016

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Important effect observed in development of quantum storage

Rare-earth materials are prime candidates for storing quantum information, because the undesirable interaction with their environment is extremely weak. Consequently however, this lack of interaction implies a very small response to light, making it hard to read and write data. Physicists have now observed a record-high Purcell effect, which enhances the material's interaction with light.

Apr 28th, 2016

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