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Tour U Michigan's $46M nanomechanical engineering labs

With a 'breaker space', ultra-low vibration chambers and tissue culture rooms, a new world-class research complex at Michigan Engineering will let researchers study the forces at work at the smallest scales to advance nanotechnologies in energy, manufacturing, healthcare and biotechnology.

Posted: Oct 14th, 2014

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Slippery when dry: Graphene proves a long-lasting lubricant

While researchers have found many materials that help to reduce friction, conventional lubricants often have chemical limitations. A recent analysis has identified the properties of a newer, exceptionally wear-resistant substance that works in a broader range of environments.

Posted: Oct 14th, 2014

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Nanoenhanced 'smart' lithium-ion battery warns of fire hazard (w/video)

Scientists have developed a 'smart' lithium-ion battery that gives ample warning before it overheats and bursts into flames. The new technology is designed for conventional lithium-ion batteries now used in billions of cellphones, laptops and other electronic devices, as well as a growing number of cars and airplanes.

Posted: Oct 13th, 2014

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Revving up fluorescence for superfast LEDs

Researchers have made fluorescent molecules emit photons 1,000 times faster than normal - a record in the field and an important step toward superfast light emitting diodes and quantum cryptography.

Posted: Oct 12th, 2014

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