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Consider the 'anticrystal'

For the last century, the concept of crystals has been a mainstay of solid-state physics. Crystals are paragons of order; crystalline materials are defined by the repeating patterns their constituent atoms and molecules make. Now physicists have evidence that a new concept should undergird our understanding of most materials: the anticrystal, a theoretical solid that is completely disordered.

Posted: Jul 7th, 2014

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Drinkable 'nanojuice' could improve how doctors examine the gut

Researchers are developing a new imaging technique involving nanoparticles suspended in liquid to form 'nanojuice' that patients would drink. Upon reaching the small intestine, doctors would strike the nanoparticles with a harmless laser light, providing an unparalleled, non-invasive, real-time view of the organ.

Posted: Jul 6th, 2014

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Don't dump your excess nanomaterials - share them online

Nanosupply provides an easy and safe platform to source and share advanced materials for research and education. Their mission is to encourage collaboration, help researchers and science educators save time and money, and decrease research originated waste.

Posted: Jul 4th, 2014

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Optical wireless nanoantenna link

Researchers developed a novel method based on photoluminescence to sensitively probe optical fields around nanostructures and applied their technique to image the transmission of optical signals.

Posted: Jul 4th, 2014

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