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Thermal gradients are shown to enhance spin transport in graphene

Researchers have demonstrated that the application of a thermal gradient in spintronic devices can cause spin signal to increase as a result of a novel thermoelectric phenomenon predicted and subsequently observed in graphene. Specifically, the enhanced spin signal is two orders of magnitude larger than anything previously reported for thermal effects in metals.

Dec 5th, 2017

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Engineering electron pathways in 2D-topological insulators

Scientists reported new insight into the electronic conduction and interference on 2D-topological insulators - an exotic kind of insulators that conduct only at the edge and that could be key for the development of a new generation of electronic devices.

Dec 2nd, 2017

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Fighting myocardial infarction with nanoparticle tandems

How can damaged cardiac tissue following a heart attack best be treated with replacement muscle cells? A research team is now presenting an innovative method on mice: Muscle replacement cells, which are to take over the function of the damaged tissue, are loaded with magnetic nanoparticles.

Dec 1st, 2017

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