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Simpler nanoscale bioreplication of beetle decoys

Ash trees in 22 eastern states of U.S.A. are being decimated by emerald ash borers (EABs), an Asian beetle that arrived in Michigan more than two decades ago. The pest has even spread westwards into Kansas and Colorado. Nothing seemed to be effective against EABs, until decoys designed to mimic female EABs were found in 2012 by a group of researchers to be successful in enticing male EABs for mating. Last year, the same researchers found the decoys could be used to electrocute and kill the seduced males.

Apr 26th, 2015

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Chemists' synthesis of silicon oxides opens 'new world in a grain of sand'

In an effort that reaches back to the 19th-century laboratories of Europe, a discovery by chemistry researchers establishes new research possibilities for silicon chemistry and the semiconductor industry. The study gives details on the first time chemists have been able to trap molecular species of silicon oxides.

Apr 24th, 2015

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