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Graphene on its way to conquer Silicon Valley

The remarkable material graphene promises a wide range of applications in future electronics that could complement or replace traditional silicon technology. Researchers of the Electronic Properties of Materials Group at the University of Vienna have now paved the way for the integration of graphene into the current silicide based technology.

Posted: Jul 9th, 2013

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Scientists solve titanic puzzle of popular photocatalyst

A breakthrough in our understanding of the properties of titania (titanium dioxide) - the basis of self-cleaning window technology - has been made by scientists at UCL, uncovering a decades old misunderstanding that has clouded our knowledge of how mixed phase titania catalysts operate.

Posted: Jul 8th, 2013

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Nanoelectromechanical sensors (NEMS) based on graphene membranes

Monolayer graphene exhibits exceptional electronic and mechanical properties, making it a very promising material for nanoelectromechanical devices. Now, researchers have conclusively demonstrated the piezoresistive effect in graphene in a nanoelectromechanical membrane configuration that provides direct electrical readout of pressure to strain transduction.

Posted: Jul 8th, 2013

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