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The very small is big in manufacturing

Consumers are demanding ever smaller, more portable devices, with extra features, better performance and energy efficiency. But squeezing everything into smaller packages is a huge manufacturing challenge. To help, European researchers have developed ways to produce the micro components needed for these smaller devices.

Posted: Mar 27th, 2014

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Record quantum entanglement of multiple dimensions

An international team of researchers has managed to create an entanglement of 103 dimensions with only two photons. The record had been established at 11 dimensions. The discovery could represent a great advance toward the construction of quantum computers with much higher processing speeds than current ones, and toward a better encryption of information.

Posted: Mar 27th, 2014

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Advanced energy materials research requires insights down to the nanoscale

Fuel cells and electrical energy storage systems are increasingly emerging as the core elements for new mobility concepts and for forward-looking building energy management. Employing high-resolution micro- and nano-computed tomography systems combined with scanning electron and atomic force microscopy allows a full range of optical investigations.

Posted: Mar 26th, 2014

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Nanotechnology coating helps shrink mass spectrometers

Researchers found that when paper used to collect a sample was coated with carbon nanotubes, the voltage required was 1,000 times reduced, the signal was sharpened and the equipment was able to capture far more delicate molecules.

Posted: Mar 25th, 2014

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