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Nanoenhanced 'smart' lithium-ion battery warns of fire hazard (w/video)

Scientists have developed a 'smart' lithium-ion battery that gives ample warning before it overheats and bursts into flames. The new technology is designed for conventional lithium-ion batteries now used in billions of cellphones, laptops and other electronic devices, as well as a growing number of cars and airplanes.

Oct 13th, 2014

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Revving up fluorescence for superfast LEDs

Researchers have made fluorescent molecules emit photons 1,000 times faster than normal - a record in the field and an important step toward superfast light emitting diodes and quantum cryptography.

Oct 12th, 2014

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Rare 'baby rattle' molecules reveal new quantum properties of H2O and H2

Neutron scattering experiments have revealed the existence of quantum selection rules in molecules, the first experimental confirmation of its kind. Small molecules such as water and hydrogen were inserted into C60 buckyballs to form rare compounds ideal for testing the predictions of quantum theory. Similar confinement techniques could open the door to new insights about the quantum properties of molecules by providing a unique testing ground for quantum theory.

Oct 10th, 2014

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