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Novel X-ray lens sharpens view into the nano world

Scientists designed, fabricated and successfully tested a novel X-ray lens that produces sharper and brighter images of the nano world. The lens employs an innovative concept to redirect X-rays over a wide range of angles, making a high convergence power.

Jun 1st, 2015

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NIOSH and P3NANO sign MOU to advance knowledge of cellulose-based nanotechnology

The partnership between NIOSH and P3NANO will serve as a platform for occupational safety and health research as well as educational and business initiatives leading to the development of new risk management guidance, recommendations, and findings relating to the potential human health impacts of exposure to nanoscale cellulose materials.

May 28th, 2015

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A foundation for nanotechnology education

The Nanotechnology Applications and Career Knowledge Network initiated the development of two new standards: Guide for Workforce Education in Nanotechnology Health and Safety, and Practice for Workforce Education in Nanotechnology Characterization.

May 27th, 2015

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