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New horizons for diagnostics and therapeutic applications of graphene

A new review describes the latest developments of applications in this emerging field, including the rising research about photothermal therapy for Alzheimer's disease and cancer, human telomerase and other cancer biomarker/cancer cells diagnosis, drug/nucleotide/peptide delivery and cell imaging, and proliferation and differentiation of stem cell on graphene platforms.

Posted: Jan 8th, 2013

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Living cells behave as fluid-filled sponges

Scientists from the London Centre for Nanotechnology at UCL have shown that animal cells behave according to the theory of poroelasticity when mechanically stimulated in a way similar to that experienced in organs within the body. The results indicate that the rate of cell deformation in response to mechanical stress is limited by how quickly water can redistribute within the cell interior.

Posted: Jan 7th, 2013

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Better than diamond

Physicists have modified silicon carbide crystals in a way that these exhibit new and surprising properties. This makes them interesting with regard to the design of high-performance computers or data transmission.

Posted: Jan 7th, 2013

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Atoms at negative absolute temperature are the hottest systems in the world

Researchers have created an atomic gas in the laboratory that nonetheless has negative Kelvin values. These negative absolute temperatures have several apparently absurd consequences: although the atoms in the gas attract each other and give rise to a negative pressure, the gas does not collapse - a behaviour that is also postulated for dark energy in cosmology.

Posted: Jan 4th, 2013

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