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Supermassive black holes can feast on one star per year

Researchers have discovered a mechanism that explains the persistence of asymmetrical stellar clusters surrounding supermassive black holes in some galaxies and suggests that during post-galactic merger periods, orbiting stars could be flung into the black hole and destroyed at a rate of one per year.

Posted: Feb 1st, 2018

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Galaxies that feed on other galaxies

An international team of astronomers finds signs that the outer halo of the Milky Way contains stellar remains of massive dwarf galaxies that were devoured by our own.

Posted: Jan 31st, 2018

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Glory from gloom

A dark cloud of cosmic dust snakes across this spectacular wide field image, illuminated by the brilliant light of new stars. This dense cloud is a star-forming region called Lupus 3, where dazzlingly hot stars are born from collapsing masses of gas and dust.

Posted: Jan 31st, 2018

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Astrochemists reveal the magnetic secrets of methanol

Scientists have solved an important puzzle in astrochemistry: how to measure magnetic fields in space using methanol, the simplest form of alcohol. Their results give astronomers a new way of investigating how massive stars are born.

Posted: Jan 29th, 2018

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