Posted: May 29, 2009

The integrated approach to chemistry laboratory: Selected experiments

(Nanowerk News) Complete and original labs for the integrated laboratory. All materials, protocols, and equipment spelled out. Each lab customizable for your department. Introduces and explains a wide range of lab techniques. Geared to various ability levels.
This volume is intended for chemistry instructors seeking to provide engaging and challenging labs that combine all the features and benefits of the integrated laboratory. Written by educators from around the country, each chapter of the book contains a fully detailed and explained experiment, with guidance for student questions and possible customization.
The book offers students and instructors a wealth of learning opportunities in experiment preparation, measurement, recording and analysis from disciplines extending from biology and microbiology to geology, nanotechnology, and microelectronics. All experiments have been classroom tested, with safety and monitoring issues given precedence. Many of the experiments contain modules that permit the instructor to make the lab more challenging as time and student ability dictate.
About the Authors
Partha Basu and Mitchell Johnson are both professors at Duquesne University.
Source: Destech Publications
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