University College London to offer new MSc program in nanotechnology and nanomedicine
Posted: June 1, 2009

University College London to offer new MSc program in nanotechnology and nanomedicine

(Nanowerk News) University College London will run a brand new MSc in Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine from September 2009.
Programme convenors: Dr Marilena Loizidou and Prof. Alexander Seifalian
Administrative contact: Prof. Alex Seifalian - tel: 0207 830 2901, e mail a.seifalian[at]
Duration of the progamme - 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time
Programme aims
The new fields of Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine are expanding at a rapid pace. This MSc course introduces robust scientific understanding and aims to equip graduate students with the research and transferable tools in this exciting cross-discipline.
Course contents include mandatory modules in the cutting edge fields of “Nanotechnology” and“Tissue Engineering” and also a hand-on lab based module in “Molecular and Bionanotechnology techniques” and a workshop-based module in “Statistics in Biomedical Research”. An in-depth laboratory based research project is a fundamental component and opens up opportunities for further research and possible publications.
Optional choices include modules on “Practice of Science”, “Research Funding” or “Route to Translation to Clinic and to Commercialisation of Nanotechnology Products.”
The course is designed to be accessible to students from a large number of disciplines, ranging from medicine and biology to physics, chemistry and engineering. The course will run full time for the first year.
Detailed information about the curriculum will appear shortly. In the interim, please contact Prof. Seifalian for further details, and entry requirements.
The closing date for applications is 31 July 2009.
Source: University College London
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