Posted: June 3, 2009

5th International NanoRegulation Conference tackling the challenges of information exchange along the value chain

(Nanowerk News) The European Parliament’s recent postulations (see Fishing for nanotechnology risks with the wrong type of fishing net: European Parliament calls for sweeping review) are unambiguous, and, although they are not legally binding, they are likely to lead to consequences in the amendment of specific legislations. The European Parliament will again stand for election by the public this year on June 7th, 2009, and their claims regarding aspects of the regulation of manufactured nanomaterials (which have overwhelmingly been adopted) may be considered to reflect the public’s concerns about manufactured nanomaterials.
In this context, the European Parliament has already confirmed its stance on manufactured nanomaterials by adopting (after the first reading) in April 2009 a recast of the 1976 Cosmetics Directive. The new Cosmetics directive now includes mandatory labelling of nanomaterials present in cosmetics in the ingredient list, and encompasses an entire article exclusively dedicated to nanomaterials. Companies intending to use nanomaterials are required to notify such use to the Commission six months prior to the placing on the market, allowing the Scientific Committee of the Commission to contribute its opinion on the specific application.
One of the most pressing issues in the discussion about the safe handling of manufactured nanomaterials concerns the exchange of safety information along the value chain. However, up to now, current instruments for data exchange such as the material safety data sheets (MSDS) do not explicitly take reference to manufactured nanomaterials and their unique properties; therefore, such information is often not passed from one stage of the value chain to the next and gets lost somewhere (rather early) on the way from manufacturers to recyclers.
Against this background, the 5th International NanoRegulation Conference offers the opportunity to discuss recent developments in nano regulation and assess possible regulatory consequences for consumers and the industry. In particular, the issue of information exchange along the value chain will be tackled and analysed in terms of necessary changes. The Conference aims to bring together and exchange experiences between speakers and participants from politics, regulatory bodies, industries and NGOs, leaving room to discuss different interpretations of the situation.
Goals of the Conference
1) Establishing a common understanding on the problems of the exchange of safety information along the value chain
2) Comparing different approaches by analysing instruments and current practice.
3) Involving different points of view of politicians, NGOs, consumer advocates and the industry (producers, processors, retailers, recyclers)
4) Outlining how existing procedures and instruments for information transfer need to be revised and adapted to manufactured nanomaterials.
Who should attend
The NanoRegulation Conference is addressed to representatives from international regulatory bodies, industry and insurance companies, scientists, NGO, associations, politicians, the media and the interested public.
Date and Location
This year’s 5th NanoRegulation Conference will take place within the context of the NanoEurope 2009 Symposium on November 25th (afternoon) and 26th, 2009 at the Hochschule für Technik in Rapperswil, Switzerland. Please reserve these dates.
Registration will shortly be available via The Conference is organised by the Innovation Society in cooperation with NanoEurope 2009.
Source: Innovation Society
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