Posted: June 8, 2009

FramingNano Project Consortium publishes its third newsletter edition

(Nanowerk News) The FramingNano Project Consortium has published the third newsletter which summarises outcomes from the Delphi consultation exercise and the recent FramingNano stakeholder workshop which took place on February 26, 2009 in Brussels. A second round Delphi questionnaire will be disseminated during June which will build upon the feedback received from the first Delphi consultation and from the multi-stakeholder workshop.
The FramingNano Newsletter is a quarterly news service provided within the activities of the FramingNano project and diffused extensively across Europe and beyond, in order to disseminate information on the project, and on risk-benefit assessment and NS&T governance and regulation themes.
The goal of FramingNano is to craft a proposal for a 'Governance Plan/Platform' defining practicable regulatory solutions assuring that the development of nanotechnology takes place responsibly and to the benefit of the individuals and the society which is expected to emerge from the project towards the end of 2009.
Source: Innovation Society
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