Posted: June 8, 2009

Nanotechnology event in Cairo will conect Middle eastern Capital with nanotech innovations

(Nanowerk News) SabryCorp announced that the Nanotech Business Summit will be held from the 6th to 7th December, 2009 in Cairo, Egypt. This conference brings together senior business leaders and world-renowned innovators to explore the ways that nanotechnology will become the next big growth innovation.
Billions of dollars have already been allocated for nanoscience research and are available for investment. The Nanotech Business Summit will provide access to these ideas and investments through informative presentations, business match-making services and numerous networking opportunities to serve as an incubator of new ideas and new relationships.
This will prove to be a valuable forum for both nanotechnology innovators and decision makers from across industry sectors. An introductory lecture on business opportunities for nanotechnology in the Middle East will be provided in addition to lectures on aspects of nanotechnology: commercialization, business development, intellectual property, venture capital, emerging markets, public policy, legal, current realities and future prospects. Specific lectures will include discussions on energy, communications, textiles, healthcare, nano biotechnology, environment, transportation, food, polymers, coatings, semiconductors and applications in personal care.
The Nanotech Business Summit is organized by SabryCorp Ltd., a nanotechnology consulting firm serving regional and global interests in the advancement of science and technology.
About SabryCorp
SabryCorp is a consulting company specialized in Nanotechnology and is the first scientific consultancy based in the Middle East and Africa. SabryCorp offers a wide range of services from targeted consulting reports to the management and implementation of full-scale nano projects (including establishing laboratories and research centers), to establishing a "nano roadmap" for the Middle East.
Source: SabryCorp (press release)
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