Posted: July 20, 2009

On-demand webcast with overview of ultracapacitors

(Nanowerk News) Enable IPC Corporation today released an on-demand Webcast designed as a brief introductory overview of ultracapacitors. Conducted by Kevin Leonard, CTO of Enable’s SolRayo subsidiary, the Webcast addresses the following topics:
– What is an ultracapacitor?
– Differences between traditional capacitors and ultracapacitors
– How capacitors and ultracapacitors work
– Material make up of ultracapacitors
– Summary of Enable IPC / SolRayo’s technology
$600 Million Ultracapacitor Market
Enable IPC's ultracapacitor technology is aimed at a market estimated to grow to over $600 million by the year 2012. While the company has been mostly focusing on the use of ultracapacitors in renewable energy, there are also huge opportunities for this technology in consumer, other industrial and transportation applications as well.
Source: Enable IPC
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