Posted: July 28, 2009

Ohio Nanotech Industry Leaders to Present at Nano Convergence Conference in New Mexico

(Nanowerk News) Executives from Ohio's most promising nanotechnology companies will present at the upcoming Nano Convergence Conference, October 26-27 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The event is being hosted by the Nano-Network of New Mexico, in partnership with the Micro and Nanotechnology Commercialization Education Foundation (MANCEF), the Bi National Sustainability Laboratory, and the Ibero American Science & Technology Education Consortium (ISTEC). The purpose of the conference is to foster collaboration and partnerships with interested parties from the Southwest Nano Community, Ohio, Latin America/Caribbean, and Europe to accelerate nanotechnology research and development in energy, mining/minerals, biotech, green chemistry, electronics, and defense sectors.
Conference participation from Ohio companies is the result of an ongoing collaboration between the Nano-Network of Ohio and Nano-Network of New Mexico. Created in 2006, the Nano-Network of New Mexico is based on the Ohio model to promote nanotechnology business, networking and educational activities throughout the state of New Mexico.
"I am pleased Ohio's Nano-Network model has been successfully adopted by the Nano-Network of New Mexico. The co-branding allows both organizations to work for the public good of micro and nanotechnology commercialization, education and economic development in the states of Ohio and New Mexico. We also support New Mexico's recent efforts to engage other states in the Southwest community to develop critical mass surrounding nanotechnology development and commercialization," said Alexis Abramson, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Northeast Ohio Nano-Network and Associate Professor at Case Western Reserve University.
Ohio presenters include Scott Rickert, Ph.D., President and CEO, Nanofilm (Valley View, Ohio); John Finley, Chairman and CEO, MemPro Ceramics Corporation (Akron, Ohio and Copper Mountain, Colorado); John Tucker, Lead Industry Consultant, Keithley Instruments (Solon, Ohio); Arthur Fritts, President and CEO, NanoSperse LLC (Kettering, Ohio); and Hiroshi Yokoyama, Ph.D., Professor of Chemical Physics and Ohio Research Scholar, at Kent State University's Liquid Crystal Institute (Kent, Ohio).
"The nanotechnology-related synergies between Ohio and New Mexico are very complementary, particularly in the advanced materials, energy and defense sectors. I look forward to exploring these synergies with our counterparts in New Mexico and continuing to strengthen our relationships to accelerate nanotechnology developments now and in the future," said Scott Rickert, Ph.D., President and CEO, of Nanofilm.
Additional invited speakers for the conference include: Bob Hwang, Director, Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (CINT); Tom Bowles, Governor Bill Richardson's Technology Advisor; Steve Walsh, Ph.D., Co-Director of the Technology Management Center, University of New Mexico and founding President, MANCEF; Fred Mondragon, Economic Development Secretary, State of New Mexico; and Scott Bryant, Executive Director, MANCEF; and many more.
On October 27, conference organizers will also host a Business Matchmaking event designed to facilitate meetings between business interests and research institutions, as well as provide a forum for accelerating SME formation and venture funding for Latin American startups in an effort to spur regional and international economic development. The Bi-National Sustainability Laboratory is pleased to announce that together with its principal partners and sponsoring organizations it will hold a one day conference entitled: "A New Bi-National Energy Future: Biofuels and Solar Policy Summit" on October 26, 2009. High level officials, experts and individuals, representing all levels of government, industry and academic/research communities from Mexico and the U.S. will be invited to consider critical issues relevant to creating a new bi-national energy future in the U.S.-Mexico border region.
About The Nano-Network of Northeast Ohio
The Nano-Network was formed by scientists, entrepreneurs and financiers to improve and expand nanotechnology research and commercialization activities and capacities in Northeast Ohio, and throughout the nation. The Nano-Network is one of the largest and best-known privately funded, "grass roots" nanotechnology organizations in the U.S. The Nano-Network is currently managed by NorTech, a regional economic development organization that champions growth in Northeast Ohio's high tech economy. NorTech's relationship with the Nano-Network has provided the group with structure, contacts and resources to further promote nanotechnology in Ohio and the United States.
About The Nano-Network of New Mexico
The Nano-Network of New Mexico supports the exchange and dissemination of knowledge vital to people and organizations interested in the commercialization of nanotechnologies emanating from New Mexico-based knowledge-capital and organizations. It provides a forum for nanotech developers, innovators and investors to discuss the latest developments and breakthroughs; promotes collaboration of New Mexico nanotech groups and start-ups with corporate nanotech developers and international partners; and increases sponsored research, licenses, and strategic partnerships for New Mexico-based nanotech companies.
Source: NorTech
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