Posted: July 29, 2009

Indian government recalls nanotechnology-based breast cancer drug

(Nanowerk News) According to a recent article published in the Economic Times, the Government of India has ordered pharmaceutical company Natco Pharma, based in Hyderabad in India, to recall its breast cancer drug Albupax from the market within two weeks. This move comes after claims that, following further testing, the drug could have the potential to cause liver damage.
Albupax — a nanotechnology-based generic version of a drug by US company Abraxis BioScience — had hit the market in September 2008 after the clinical trial data were found satisfactory. However, three months ago, the US firm filed a written complaint citing serious side-effects that the generic may cause, which prompted the DCGI to order fresh tests on Albupax, said a senior government official.
A Natco spokesman, while confirming that the company has suspended production of the drug, sought to defend it saying the testing procedures for nanotechnology-based products are complex.
Read the full article here.
Source: India Times (hat tip to Safenano)
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