Posted: August 12, 2009

The convergence of nanotechnology and conventional microelectronics

(Nanowerk News) The ProMiNaS Workshop on "The Convergence of Conventional Microelectronics and Nanotechnology" will be held in Grenoble, France, from Sept. 15 to 17, 2009, on the site of the Micro and Nanotechnologies Innovation Campus MINATEC.
This workshop will come as the final event of a series of training courses organized in the framework of a Marie Curie program funded by the European Community. The objective of this series of events (ProMiNaS –Prototyping in the micro and nanoscale) was to train a limited number of PhD students and postdocs, without restriction of geographical origin, to the most recent lab techniques in processing and characterization of micro- and nano-electronics devices.
One objective of the workshop is to propose an overview of the current orientation in nanoscience, including nanobiology, nanoelectronics, spintronics, optoelectronics and social perception of nanotechnologies. A second one is to give an opportunity to young scientists, former participants or not to the ProMiNaS training, to interact and present their own work.
The workshop will consist of five sessions. Each of them will consist of a tutorial talk given by an expert in the field and of three/four invited talks (40 minutes each), in a deliberate intent to provide an extensive overview of current trends in Nanoscience.
The tutorial speakers will be :
  • Dr. Silvano De Franceschi -nanodevices with nanowires-
  • Dr. B. Dieny -spintronics-
  • Pr. Uri Sivan –nanobiology-
  • Dr. Jean-Michel Gérard -nano-optics-
  • Dr. Dónal O'Mathúna -risks and societal impact of nano-
  • Practical information concerning registration as well as the final technical program can be found on the ProMiNaS website.
    The workshop is primarily intended for the trainees of the courses in this series. Other young or not so young researchers engaged in micro and nano electronics are also welcome. All participants will have the opportunity to present posters on their current work (in their own laboratories) in relation to the subjects covered in the ProMiNaS courses.
    Participation of former ProMiNaS students will be financially supported by the Program. For other participants, partial financial support will be possible depending of the final budget.
    Important: attendance will be limited to 120 participants, on a first-come, first-served basis.
    The chairman of the workshop will be Prof. Uri Sivan, Head of the Russell Brerry Nanotechnology Institute at the Technion.
    Source: ProMiNaS
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