Posted: September 4, 2009

National Nanomanufacturing Network (NNN) to exhibit at NanoBusiness Conference 2009 in Chicago

(Nanowerk News) The National Nanomanufacturing Network (NNN) is an alliance of academic, government, and industry partners that cooperates to advance nanomanufacturing strength in the U.S. Funded by the National Science Foundation through the Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, the goals of the NNN are to build a network of experts and organizations that facilitates the transition of nanotechnologies from core laboratory research to production manufacturing and to foster technology transfer and information exchange between all community stakeholders.
InterNano is a web service of the NNN which supports the information needs of the nanomanufacturing community by bringing together resources about the advances in applications, devices, metrology, and materials that will facilitate the commercial development and/or marketable application of nanotechnology. As an information clearinghouse, InterNano both aggregates existing resources related to nanomanufacturing and creates original resources, including news highlights, review and feature articles, directories, and more.
The NNN is introducing a new, streamlined design for InterNano in conjunction with its exhibit at the NanoBusiness Conference 2009 in Chicago. Based on statistics, user feedback, information architecture exercises, and usability testing, the new interface emphasizes the site’s strengths and still provides one-click access to all the community tools and content areas.
Existing InterNano content features include:
  • Directory of experts and organizations engaged in nanomanufacturing
  • Original expert reviews of recently published literature relevant to nanomanufacturing
  • Digital library of nanomanufacturing research, government reports, and federally-funded education and outreach efforts for nanomanufacturing
  • Calendar of nanotechnology and nanomanufacturing events
  • InterNano taxonomy of nanomanufacturing terminologies
  • Links, original news headlines, image galleries, and more
  • New InterNano content features include:
  • Filtered feed of select nanomanufacturing news headlines from over fifteen media sources
  • Article commenting and LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to facilitate discussion among users
  • Enhanced Taxonomy functionality for information discovery
  • Information and a query form for partnering with the NNN
  • Nanomanufacturing Job Opportunities
  • InterNano accepts press releases, research and employment announcements, citations, calls for papers, images, and events information. All submissions are subject to approval by the site administrators before being published.
    Source: National Nanomanufacturing Network
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