Posted: September 9, 2009

Policymakers of the world gather in Berlin soon to discuss nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) The countdown to Nanotech Europe 2009 continues; Europe's largest annual nanotechnology conference takes place in Berlin on September 28-30th in three weeks.
Nanotech Europe brings together policymakers from major world regions, including the European Commission, Russia, China, France, Singapore, Germany, Finland and the UK to discuss how they are planning to support nanotechnology commercialisation. A special workshop will also address the critical topic of transatlantic regulatory cooperation in nanotechnology. So far participants from over 50 countries have registered for the conference.
Nanotech Europe recognises the commercial success of nanotechnology is founded on three pillars; world-class science, innovative corporations, and a supportive public sector. All three groups are well represented at Nanotech Europe 2009.
The program is headlined by Nobel Laureate Peter Grünberg, who (along with Albert Fert) discovered giant magnetoresistance, a development which makes possible much of our current data storage technology. Over 40 content packed-sessions will cover nanotechnology applications as diverse as water purification, diagnostic tools, photonic interconnects, and cancer therapies.
Nanotech Europe will also hear from those companies that are leading the industrial development of nanotechnology, from Nokia, Shell, Daimler, Thales, Fiat, Bayer Material Science and many others. The Executive Forum, in partnership with Lux Research, will cover best practices in technology scouting, key strategies for open innovation, and why open innovation is so relevant in nanotechnology.
Nanotech Europe 2009 is organised by a comprehensive consortium of partners, including Agent-D, the coordination group of the Centers of Competence of Nanotechnology in Germany and co-organised with Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin) in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Germany) and several international partners.
Source: Spinverse
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