Posted: September 11, 2009

American Chemical Society announces winner of second nanotechnology video contest

(Nanowerk News) The American Chemical Society (ACS) has announced the winners of its second installment of the NanoTube video contest.
The theme of the recent contest was “How Will Nano Change the World?” Organized as an outgrowth of ACS’ peer-reviewed scientific publishing in the area of nano-scale science, the contest seeks creative videos that convey the applications of nanoscience to a broad audience.
ACS organizers said they wanted contestants to think BIG about nano and show how nanotechnology will address these important questions:
  • What can nano do for global security?
  • What can nano do for the environment?
  • What can nano do for sustainable energy?
  • What can nano do for fighting disease?
  • What can nano do for the products you use?
  • What can nano do for you?
  • First place was awarded to Natalie Herring et al. from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte for their video "NanoGirls", which detailed how nano solar cells will generate clean energy.
    The runner-up was Wilfredo Yave from GKSS-Forschungszentrum who submitted "Nano Story", which described how nanoscience will solve the problem of global warming.
    The winners were determined by voting from the general public, and were awarded $500 and $300, respectively for their entries.
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