Posted: October 11, 2009

New release of free quantum effect simulator

(Nanowerk News) A new version of 1dhetero, a tool able to simulate new technologically relevant III-V semiconductor materials at atomistic level, has been released at
1dhetero is being developed at Purdue University in Prof. G. Klimeck's group, who has a strong background in quantum simulations, especially in quantum transport. Jean-Michel Sellier is the main developer and maintainer of the tool in his group
1dhetero screenshot.
The tool is still under development and, according to Sellier, a new release should be deployed very soon, able to simulate multibands, sp3s* and sp3d5s* tight binding models. Even if still under development, the tool is already very reliable and able to simulate real devices at atomistic scale.
Furthermore, the tool is completely free and everybody can use it. The only condition required is to register to nanoHUB website. The free download can be found at the following link:
Source: Purdue University
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