Posted: February 5, 2007

New UN report demands tighter controls on nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) The justy released GEO Year Book 2007 is the fourth annual report on the changing environment produced by the United Nations Environment Programme in collaboration with many world environment experts.
A special section of the report "Emerging Challenges – New Findings" deals with the emerging scientific and policy challenges of nanotechnology, which are examined from an environmental perspective. The report concludes that "Nanotechnology will bring environmental benefits but it is vital that we adopt appropriate assessment and legislative processes to address the unique challenges presented by nanomaterials and their life cycles."
The introduction to the report states that "Nanotechnology has enormous potential for socieal, economic, and environmental benefits – from innovative medical techniques to savings on materials and energy, as well as advances in detection and remediation of pollution. However, with environmental impacts as yet largely unknown and public controls largely absent, more systematic research and sector-specific policies are necessary."
Source: UN
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