Posted: February 6, 2007

National Science Foundation's 2008 budget to include $390 million for nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) Working with other agencies as part of the National Nanotechnology Initiative, the National Science Foundation's (NSF) nanotechnology research will continue to advance fundamental understanding of materials at the subatomic, atomic, and molecular levels and will enable the development of capabilities to design, manipulate, and construct revolutionary devices and materials with unprecedented properties.
The Budget provides $390 million in 2008 for NSF’s nanotechnology research investments, an increase of 4.5 percent from the level proposed in 2007, including funding for a new NSF center to address environmental, health, and safety research needs for nanomaterials.
In addition, the NSF’s Major Research Instrumentation program provides investments in a diverse portfolio of mid-size tools, such as nanofabrication tools, biological imaging instruments, environmental monitoring stations, very high wattage lasers, and ocean observatories. The Budget provides $110 million for these and other instrumentation investments in 2008. In addition to enabling and strengthening the research that NSF funds, the development of these tools advances the state of the art for instrumentation and promotes partnerships between academic researchers and private sector instrument developers.
Source: Office of Management and Budget
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