Posted: February 7, 2007

AIHA hosts nanoparticles TeleWeb

(Nanowerk News) The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) will host "Nanoparticle Update: Measuring, Evaluating, and Managing Exposures," an introductory TeleWeb Virtual Seminar, on March 8, 2007, from 2–4:30 p.m. EST.
Featured speakers include John Volckens, PhD, assistant professor of environmental and occupational health at Colorado State University; Gurumurthy Ramachandran, PhD, professor in the Division of Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health at the University of Minnesota; Mark D. Hoover, PhD, CHP, CIH, senior scientist in the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Nanotechnology Research Center and the Division of Respiratory Disease Studies; and Charles L. Geraci, PhD, CIH, member of the NIOSH Nanotechnology Research Council and chief of the Document Development Branch.
Speakers will discuss the following topics:
– Practical measurement techniques for airborne nanoparticles in the workplace
– Relating nanoparticle exposures to respiratory dose or body burden
– Characterizing and controlling exposures to nanoparticles in the workplace
– Regulatory and risk overview for managing nanomaterials along the product life cycle
Attendees will be provided with tools to better enable them to:
– Describe the different measurement methods used to identify and quantify concentrations of airborne nanoparticles
– Relate particle deposition patterns in the respiratory tract to the estimation and body burden, and relate various exposure metrics to exposure misclassification problems
– Apply specific techniques to distinguish engineered nanoparticles from incidental nanoparticles in real-world sampling environments
– Discuss the various factors of nanoparticle number, diameter, and surface area that may influence deposition and toxicity in the human respiratory tract
– Characterize and control nanoparticles in the workplace
–Explain approaches for evaluating and managing risks when handling nanomaterials in the presence of uncertainty
TeleWeb Virtual Seminars deliver cutting-edge educational content live via the Internet and telephone from the convenience of an attendee’s home or office; multiple attendees can participate for the cost of a single registration. Since TeleWebs debuted in 2000, nearly 12,000 individuals have used this convenient and cost-effective format to further their education and careers.
Source: AIHA
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