Posted: July 28, 2010

SabryCorp, Ltd. Announces Upcoming NanoTech Insights Conference

(Nanowerk News) SabryCorp, Ltd. announced the upcoming 4th NanoTech Insights (NTI) Conference, scheduled for Feb 27-March 2, 2011 in Cairo, Egypt. It will host different diciplines experts to discuss the revolutionary solutions nanotechnology offers to different industrial sectors.
NTI is a golden opportunity for anyone interested in knowing the latest innovations and the benefits associated with the application of nanotechnology in his professionel industrial field. NTI enables you to uncover the latest development in Nanotechnology and understand the rapid and fundamental transformations in fields as diverse as telecommunications, computing, energy, medicine and textiles. Building on NTI previous success, this highly anticipated four-day meeting addresses these transformations by bringing together renowned scientists, engineers and industry leaders to engage in multidisciplinary dialogue about nanotechnology and bring a wealth of Nanotechnology Insights innovations.
The multidisciplinary and variety of topics will include: Energy, Water, Electronics, Optics, Nanomedicine, Magnetism, Nanofabrication, Characterisation and Manipulation and Nano Ethics/ Environmental Impact.
NTI series of conferences aims to integrate the scientific and sociological aspects of nanoscience and technology with lasting relationships between industry and academe, and between scientists, technologists and legislators to forge partnerships in science and technology.
Source: SabryCorp (press release)