Posted: April 15, 2007

New sculpture has a nano look

(Nanowerk News) There is nothing nano about a new piece of artwork at the University at Albany's College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering on Fuller Road.
Inside the rotunda at NanoFab 300 North, the central building at the college's Albany NanoTech complex, hangs a massive new sculpture by University at Albany art professor Edward Mayer titled "Bloculus Prime." It measures 18 feet by 9 feet by 15 feet.
Mayer, chairman of the sculpture program at UAlbany, created it from tomato cages. A description on a nearby plaque notes that the structure "moves in and out of chaos and order as one views it from different vantage points."
The real cool thing is that there is actually a link to nanotechnology. The patterns of the sculpture "bear a curious similarity" to the so-called Kikuchi diffraction pattern seen through a scanning electron microscope, which is "used to predict macroscopic behavior based on nanoscale parameters."
Source: Times Union
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