Posted: September 5, 2007

Nanotechnology quiz - test your nano-IQ

(Nanowerk News) From mayonnaise to plasmonics, grey goo to graphene, and Star Trek's Jean-Luc Picard to Caltech's Richard Feynman - here is a fun and educational nanotechnology quiz that covers both fact and fiction.
According to polls, most people haven't heard about nanotechnology and those who did don't have a very good understanding of what it is. Nanowerk's nanotechnology quiz is a set of 20 questions with multiple choice answers. After you answer all the questions you get to see your results as well as the correct answers and their explanations, complete with links to further reading and sites of interest.
For example here is question 5: What is depicted in this famous image?
IBM's stadium corral
Image courtesy of IBM's STM Image Gallery
The quiz is a small contribution to the efforts by all of us in the nano-community to spark interest in nanosciences and nanotechnology and get people involved in the things that will shape our future for better or worse.
Go ahead, take the test. So when somebody asks you what 'optical tweezers' are, you will be ready.
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