INIC launches world nanotechnology statistics website

(Nanowerk News) Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) launched a website which monitors and analyzes scientific achievements and improvements of world countries in the field of nanotechnology based on continually updated statistical data.
The website is intended to track regional, mainly Iran, and global technological changes in the field around the clock.
The mentioned website hosts a huge database gathering scientific and technological data sets and indices of over 105 countries and provides the user with ability to draw comparisons easily. In addition, the website furnishes a great deal of information regarding the current status of nanotechnology in Iran (within various contexts like research, education and industry).
The statistical data fed to the website are extracted from world reputable and distinguished technical databases namely the Web of Science™ and Orbit (for patents).
Based on a comprehensive set of keywords, the website has collected the statistical data for each country since the year 2007. These keywords can be found at
Source: INIC
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