Manual now available for the Archimedes semiconductor device simulation software

(Nanowerk News) Archimedes is the GNU package for semiconductor device simulations, created in 2004 by Jean Michel Sellier, a Professor of Purdue University. It is based on Monte Carlo methods to simulate the electron transport along with effective potential methods to simulate quantum effects.
Archimedes belongs to the well-known family of TCAD software, i.e. tools utilized to assist the development of technologically relevant products. In particular, this package assists engineers in designing and simulating submicron and mesoscopic semiconductor devices. In a next-future version Archimedes will also be able to simulate nanodevices, using the Wigner formalism. Today Archimedes is used in several big companies for simulation and production purposes.
Very recently this package has been presented at the conference IWCE 2012, Madison, Wisconsin and has raised interest among the scientific community.
simulated MESFET
A 4-graphs plot showing the density in the potential profile, spatial density, energy and potential of a simulated MESFET.
A complete manual is now available at the following link (pdf)
The manual is released under GFDL v1.3 (GNU Free Documentation License) and can be freely downloaded, modified and redistributed.
For more informations about Archimedes, go to:
An online Graphical User Interface (GUI) can also be found at:
Source: JM Sellier
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