Posted: April 22, 2008

Animation reveals nanotechnology role in breakthrough cancer treatment

(Nanowerk News) Hybrid Medical Animation is offering audiences a second chance to catch a 60 Minutes segment that features their original animation on nanoparticles.
The segment, about a promising new cancer treatment, will be available for viewing on the Minneapolis studio s Web site.
Originally airing April 13, the 60 Minutes piece, entitled "The Kanzius Machine: A Cancer Cure?", focuses on an experimental nanotechnology cancer-treating machine invented by a former business man with no medical or cancer research training. John Kanzius, diagnosed with leukemia himself, developed a prototype that uses radio waves and activated nanoparticles to kill cancer cells.
The Hybrid animation, produced exclusively for 60 Minutes, demonstrates how gold nanoparticles, circulated throughout the body, can specifically target cancerous tissue. Once the particles attach to the cancer cells, the Kanzius machine emits radio waves that excite the nanoparticles and causes them to heat up. The treatment has been shown by Kanzius and others to destroy cancerous cells while sparing healthy surrounding tissue, with virtually no side effects.
During the segment, Dr. Steven Curley, a liver cancer surgeon with M.D. Anderson, presents the animation to 60 Minutes reporter, Leslie Stahl. Gosh, it does look like one of those science fiction movies, Stahl remarks as the animation concludes.
Hybrid Medical Animation, Inc. (, produces medical and scientific 3D animation for the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology industries. The Minneapolis-based studio employs ten in-house animators and a board-certified physician as producer and medical director. Hybrid has won numerous awards for animation excellence.
Source: Hybrid Medical Animation
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