Posted: May 9, 2008

Make India a significant player in nanotechnology: Kalam

(Nanowerk News) Government and private sector should join hands and carry out focussed research to make India a significant player in nanotechnology, former President APJ Abdul Kalam said on Saturday.
"Only a few institutions are currently contributing towards advancement in nanotechnology in the country. An action plan needs to be prepared to make India a significant player in the field," he said, addressing a conference at the National Institute of Technology at Warangal.
The country can make rapid strides if the government and industry joined hands, as nanotechnology will be the central focus for many technologies to converge. The next ten years will see nano technology playing the most dominant role in the global business environment, Kalam said.
Later in the day, the former President participated in a function organised by the Lead India 2020 Foundation in Hyderabad on "Mass Awareness on Fundamental Duties".
Addressing a large number of students, Kalam emphasised on inculcating good value system in young children along with qualities like confidence, creativity and courage.
It is qualities like creativity, righteousness, courage and indomitable spirit that make one great, he said and asked parents and teachers to inculcate these in children.
Kalam made the children repeat, in his inimitable style, sayings like "I can do it", whatever the mission, I will work with dedication", I will work with integrity".
The children, who applauded him throughout his speech, welcomed Kalam with thunderous applause.
Andhra Pradesh Speaker KR Suresh Reddy and High Court Judge V Eshwaraiah also attended the programme.
Source: Press Trust of India
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