Posted: May 14, 2008

Workshop: Micro and nanoscale characterization of fibers

(Nanowerk News) Fibers present massive challenges and opportunities for micro and nano technologies. These challenges are not in the manufacturing of the fibers but in the control and understanding of their behavior.
This one-day workshop will focus on the many challenges of fibre analysis at the micro and nano-scale using state-of-the art surface chemical analysis, including SIMS, XPS and SPM techniques.
Topics include fundamental effects of topography in SIMS and XPS, AFM nanomechanics, frictional force microscopy,multivariate analysis and important applications in industry.
This workshop will bring together leading researchers and practical analysts from industry and academia for discussions on the latest developments. Recommendations and guidance for reliable and robust measurements will be presented. The workshop is being held in conjunction with UK Surface Analysis Forum (, which will be held at the same venue on the preceding day (Wednesday 2nd July).
Confirmed speakers and topics include:
  • Professor Chris Carr, University of Manchester, UK

    Using surface analysis to characterise technical textiles

  • Professor George Stylios, Heriot Watt University, UK

    Nanofabrication of fi bres and fabrics for technical textiles: the challenges in measurement and characterisation

  • Professor Graham Leggett, University of Sheffield, UK

    Frictional force microscopy and the nano-analysis of fibers

  • Chris Byrne, Mediatex Ltd, UK

    Technical textiles: state of art, measurement issues, and future applications

  • Dr Ian Fletcher, Intertek MSG, UK

    Analysing real-life fiber samples

  • Dr Jane McCann, University of Wales, UK

    Smart clothes and wearable technology

  • Chris Boardman, Unilever, UK

    How surface analysis can help in designing new laundry products

  • Dr Nawel Baghdali, L’Oreal Recherche, France

    Analysing hair and skin products using AFM

  • Plenary Speaker Dr Steve Pachuta, 3M Corporate Research Analytical Laboratory,St Paul, USA

    Computer-Assisted Interpretation of TOF-SIMS Data: Fun With Raw Files

  • Source: National Physical Laboratory
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