Posted: November 17, 2008

How to make water bounce

(Nanowerk News) Using a high-speed camera setup, GE scientists captured details of water droplets dancing on superhydrophobic surfaces developed in GE Global Research's Nanotechnology lab:
The folks at GE's Nanotechnology lab are exploring superhydrophobic surfaces for a number of GE products. For example, developing ice-repellent wind blades, providing a less energy intensive way to deal with ice on airplanes, and potentially applying these surfaces to certain parts of a gas or steam turbine to reduce fouling and help them run even cleaner and more efficiently.
GE Global Research is running a blog – From Edison's Desk – that offers a unique forum for technology enthusiasts around the globe to discuss the future of technology with top researchers from one of the worldís largest and most diverse industrial research labs.
Source: GE
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