Posted: December 5, 2008

Japanese Technology Showcase 2009: access to Japanese innovations in the physical and life sciences

(Nanowerk News) Nagoya University and Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), will present an innovations event entitled “Next Generation Japanese Technology Showcase” to be held on January 14th, 2009 at the Cornell Club New York in Mid-town Manhattan.
The showcase will feature early to advanced stage developments in the fields of physical and life sciences from several prominent Japanese universities. Included among the presenters are faculty members from Nagoya University – recently in the news for its three Nobel laureates in Physics and Chemistry – partnering universities in the Central region of Japan, Keio, Kyoto and Kitakyushu Universities. The event provides a forum for such top Japanese research institutions to demonstrate an array of cutting edge technologies, while providing an informative, networking opportunity for investors and corporations who wish to find tomorrow’s global technological solutions to their business needs today.
“Japan is known for their advanced technology. And yet, the licensing activities of Japanese universities are less than one-one thousandth of the activities seen among American universities,” says Taro Yaguchi, President of JTG, a technology transfer company organizing the event. “By introducing the American business, research and investment communities to the advanced innovations being developed in Japan, I hope to bring the level of collaboration between academia and industry that much closer to the level seen in this country.”
There are projected sixteen technologies being showcased during the event. The conference will also include a technology match-making breakfast session where businesses can have one-on-one time with researchers to learn more about their innovations. There will also be a gala reception following the presentations.
For more information on the showcase and detailed description of the presented technologies, please go to:
About Japan Technology Group (JTG)
JTG is an international broker of technology-based intellectual property, serving as a link between U.S. companies and untapped, promising Japanese innovations. The company provides access to a wide pool of technology sources in Japan, including government, academic, and private research centers, and also provides legal and communications support as well. Our mission is to promote, foster, and add value to transpacific technology transfers between Japan and the United States.
Source: Japan Technology Group
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