First NanoQ label awarded in Thailand

(Nanowerk News) The Nanotechnology Association of Thailand presented the first NanoQ label to Supreme Products Co.,Ltd at a press conference in Bangkok on September 27. The NanoQ label certifies that the paint formulation produced by Supreme Product for use in coating the inside of the ambulance contains silver nano particles that have characteristics of anti bacteria. The testing of the paint formulation samples was performed by researchers at Nano Characteristic Lab at NANOTEC. Mr. Kovit Tantranont, Director of Supreme Products was on hand to receive the NanoQ from Prof. Sirirurg Songsivilai, President of Nanotechnology Association of Thailand.
certification presentation of NanoQ label
The certification presentation.
The NanoQ label is good for 2 years after which Supreme Product will need to renew the certification process which included re-testing of their color formulation. During the 2 years, members of the association will from time to time do independent market sampling testing of the Supreme color formulation.
Currently, the Nanotechnology Association of Thailand is urging companies in the paint, ceramics, textile, and household plastic industries to make inquiries on the possibilities of obtaining NanoQ label for their product. Doing so will give their customers a sense of assurance that the product they are purchasing does have nano particles with specific characteristics as stated by the company. In addition, NanoQ label also helps to rid the market of fake nano products.
Thailand is the 3rd country in the world to issue Nano label. The other two countries are Iran and Taiwan.
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