Production of fiber electrodes of electrochemical capacitors by using nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) Researchers from Tabriz University succeeded in the production of fiber electrodes consisted of polyaniline, multi-walled carbon nanotube and metal oxide nanoparticles through wet spinning method to be used in electrochemical capacitors (see paper in Electrochimica Acta: "Influence of metal oxide nanoparticles on pseudocapacitive behavior of wet-spun polyaniline-multiwall carbon nanotube fibers").
The capacitors can be used in various industrial parts that need electrical energy storage.
It seems to be necessary to improve the performance of electrical energy storage systems such as electrochemical capacitors by developing new electrodes in order to meet the needs of portable electrical devices, hybrid electrical vehicles, and giant industrial equipment.
“The main purpose of this research was to produce fiber electrode in order to be used in electrochemical capacitors. Taking into consideration the pseudocapacitive properties of polyaniline and some metal oxides, we decided to produce a fiber electrode made of polyaniline, multi-walled carbon nanotube, and metal oxide nanoparticles," Dr. Mir-Mohseni, a lecturer at Tabriz University and one of the researchers of the plan, stated.
"We also decided to study the capacitor behavior and the effect of nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes on the electrochemical behavior of fiber electrode. Another objective of the research was to study the effect of ion and anion size on the capacitor behavior by using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.”
According to Dr. Mir-Mohseni, the presence of carbon nanotubes improved mechanical properties of the fibers. In addition, cycling voltammetry and charge-discharge studies on nanocomposite fibers at constant current showed that the presence of carbon nanotubes increased the cyclic properties of the fibers.
Source: INIC
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