Design your nano superhero

(Nanowerk News) The Irish nanoscience center CRANN and Science Gallery have announced our new national nanoscience competition for schools- this year we want you to design your very own nano superhero!
Design Your Nano Superhero
Students (individual or in groups of 4 or less) are asked to designing and name their own superhero, listing his/her unique powers as a result of nanoscience. They can depict their superhero as either a poster or a video.
There are some excellent prizes; including an iPad and iPod Nanos. In addition to this, the top 3 winning entries will be featured in an international nanoscience conference, EuroNanoForum, taking place in the Convention Centre, Dublin in June 2013. These 3 winning superheroes will be brought to life by a professional cartoon artist.
Source: CRANN
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