Free webinar for newbies: Getting Started with AFM in Biology - It's Easier Than You Think

(Nanowerk News) Asylum Research, an Oxford Instruments company, will host a new webinar on May 22 – “Getting Started with AFM in Biology – It’s Easier Than You Think”. Asylum Applications Scientist Dr. Iréne Revenko, who has over 19 years of teaching and training AFM in biology, will be presenting and taking questions. The webinar is ideal for biologists that are new to AFM or for AFM experts starting to study biology.
scan of a single DNA molecule
Consecutive up and down scans of a single DNA molecule in buffer taken with a 30µm lever at an amplitude of about 8Å. Asylum routinely achieves this resolution. They’ll show you how you can too.
The webinar will cover topics that are critical for successful AFM imaging including sample preparation, choosing the correct cantilever, imaging in fluids and choosing the correct measurement mode. These will be presented in the context of four case studies of typical biological samples:
  • 1. Imaging DNA in liquid – including routine helix resolution
  • 2. Imaging living cells in liquid
  • 3. Measuring Young’s modulus of living cells
  • 4. Unfolding forces in Titin
  • “There are some basic principles that help ensure successful AFM in biology,” said Dr. Revenko. “While biological samples can be complex, this webinar will show how complexity can be managed with extremely useful tips, tricks, and techniques to make AFM in biology easier. Ultimately, the goal of the webinar is to give researchers the confidence to repeat these experiments and then extend them to fit their own research.”
    Attendance will be limited, so early registration is recommended.
    Source: Asylum Research
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