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Spider web inspires new nanofiber venture

A Canterbury University student whose research into producing ultra-fine, nano fibres was honoured in the 2006 MacDiarmid Young Scientists of the Year Awards has gone to help develop an electrospinning machine that is being sold to research laboratories around the world.

Jun 10th, 2008

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Stripes key to nanoparticle drug delivery

In work that could at the same time impact the delivery of drugs and explain a biological mystery, MIT engineers have created the first synthetic nanoparticles that can penetrate a cell without poking a hole in its protective membrane and killing it.

Jun 9th, 2008

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Brightest X-ray vision at the nanoscale

Technology-development studies at Cornell University and Jefferson Laboratory are showing how to use the brightest X-ray light ever generated for the scientific examination of everything from human proteins to forged art.

Jun 6th, 2008

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