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Active implants: How gold binds to silicone rubber

Flexible electronic parts could significantly improve medical implants. However, electroconductive gold atoms usually hardly bind to silicones. Researchers have now been able to modify short-chain silicones in a way, that they build strong bonds to gold atoms.

Jun 13th, 2017

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Amazing spintronics

Using spins as elementary units in computing and highly efficient electronics is the ultimate goal of spintronic science because of spintronics minimal energy use. In a new study, researchers manipulated and amplified the spin current through the design of the layered structures, a vital step towards this goal.

Jun 13th, 2017

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Piezoelectric nanomaterials for bio-interface applications

Nanostructured piezoelectric interfaces own the actual potential to offer beneficial environments for cell and tissue stimulation, and, at the same time, they introduce new scenarios into nanomedicine, where nanomaterials, owing to their 'smart' properties, are exploited as active devices rather than as passive structural units or carriers for medications.

Jun 10th, 2017

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Novel techniques examine solar cells with nanoscale precision

The new techniques, which investigated a common type of solar cell made of the semiconductor material cadmium telluride, promise to aid scientists in better understanding the microscopic structure of solar cells and may ultimately suggest ways to boost the efficiency at which they convert sunlight to electricity.

Jun 9th, 2017

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