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Nanowire-paper offers strength, flexibility

University of Arkansas researchers have created assemblies of nanowires that show potential in applications such as armor, flame-retardant fabric, bacteria filters, oil cracking, controlled drug release, decomposition of pollutants and chemical warfare agents.

Posted: Jun 7th, 2006

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Programming nanoparticle release

Imagine an implantable device that could be programmed to release exact numbers of drug-laden nanoparticles at specific times over the course of weeks or months or even in response to incoming biochemical signals.

Posted: Jun 5th, 2006

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Nanoparticles monitor enzyme activity

A team of investigators describes its use of plasmon resonance spectroscopy to detect the release of individual gold nanoparticles that are cleaved from a surface through the activity of a target enzyme.

Posted: Jun 5th, 2006

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Growing glowing nanowires to light up the nanoworld

Nanowires made of semiconductor materials are being used to make prototype lasers and light-emitting diodes with emission apertures roughly 100 nm in diameter?about 50 times narrower than conventional counterparts.

Posted: May 25th, 2006

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