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Connect the quantum dots

A new study demonstrates that demonstrates that quantum dots can one day replace conventional organic dyes in biomedical applications.

Posted: Jul 18th, 2006

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Control over friction

Scientists at the University of Basel have demonstrated how friction can be switched on and off in atomic-scale contacts.

Posted: Jul 17th, 2006

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First direct observations of spinons and holons

A team of researchers has observed the theoretical prediction of electron spin-charge separation in a one-dimensional solid. These results hold implications for future developments in several key areas of advanced technology, including high-temperature superconductors, nanowires and spintronics.

Posted: Jul 13th, 2006

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Sharply-tuned nanostrings work at room temperature

Using a fast, low-cost fabrication technique that allows inexpensive testing of a wide variety of materials, Cornell researchers have come up with nanoscale resonators -- tiny vibrating strings -- with the highest quality factor so far obtainable at room temperature for devices so small.

Posted: Jul 13th, 2006

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Paint-on semiconductor outperforms chips

Researchers at the University of Toronto have created a semiconductor device that outperforms conventional chips - and they made it simply by painting a liquid onto a piece of glass.

Posted: Jul 12th, 2006

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