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Quantum magnets forced to ''chillax'

In what may provide a potential path to connecting data in a quantum computer, researchers have shown that excited atoms in silicon can be forced into a relaxed state on-demand using a device that serves as a microwave 'tuning fork'.

Feb 17th, 2016

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New technique for turning sunlight into hydrogen

Researchers have pioneered a new type of multilayered photoelectrode that boosts the ability of solar water-splitting to produce hydrogen. According to the research team, this special photoelectrode, inspired by the way plants convert sunlight into energy is capable of absorbing visible light from the sun, and then using it to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen.

Feb 17th, 2016

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Advance could aid development of nanoscale biosensors

Imagine a hand-held environmental sensor that can instantly test water for lead, E. coli, and pesticides all at the same time, or a biosensor that can perform a complete blood workup from just a single drop. That's the promise of nanoscale plasmonic interferometry, a technique that combines nanotechnology with plasmonics - the interaction between electrons in a metal and light.

Feb 16th, 2016

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Light used to measure the 'big stretch' in spider silk proteins

While working to improve a tool that measures the pushes and pulls sensed by proteins in living cells, biophysicists at Johns Hopkins say they've discovered one reason spiders' silk is so elastic: Pieces of the silk's protein threads act like supersprings, stretching to five times their initial length.

Feb 15th, 2016

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