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Biomolecular tweezers facilitate study of mechanical force effects on cells and proteins

A new type of biomolecular tweezers could help researchers study how mechanical forces affect the biochemical activity of cells and proteins. The devices - too small to see without a microscope - use opposing magnetic and electrophoretic forces to precisely stretch the cells and molecules, holding them in position so that the activity of receptors and other biochemical activity can be studied.

Mar 10th, 2014

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Mapping the behavior of charges in correlated spin-orbit coupled materials

A team of physicists has mapped the inner atomic workings of a compound within the mysterious class of materials known as spin-orbit Mott insulators. The findings confirm the properties that theorists predict could lead to discoveries in superconductivity, the topological phases of matter and new forms of magnetism.

Mar 10th, 2014

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Atomically thin solar cells

Ultrathin layers made of Tungsten and Selenium have been created at the Vienna University of Technology; experiments show that they may be used as flexible, semi-transparent solar cells.

Mar 9th, 2014

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Research Fellowship in nanochemistry in Portugal

Applications are open for the allocation of one research fellowship, under the project 'Nanomaterials for the uptake of pollutant metal ions: efficiency, selectivity and recyclability' from the Associate Laboratories CICECO and CESAM of the University of Aveiro.

Mar 7th, 2014

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