INIC announces formation of a network for safety and health affairs in nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) Chairman of the Standardization Committee of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) Dr. Ali Beitollahi announced the formation of a network for safety and health affairs in the field of nanotechnology.
"The network is intended to upgrade the current status of the country regarding the safety issues pertaining to the nanotechnology. So far, the statute of the network has been approved and we are looking forward to seeing it start working in the near future," Dr. Ali Beitollahi said in his lecture delivered at the opening ceremony of the first National Congress on Safety and Standardization of Nanotechnology.
"Certainly, careless adoption of any technologies, particularly the new and emerging ones, can result in unexpected risk and loss. Therefore, while the potential benefits shall be exploited, it is necessary to set safety margins for nanotechnology to guarantee a trouble-free and harmless interaction between society and technology. Until now, we have established the required infrastructures in this regard and relevant committees are active within the Agriculture Ministry and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education," Dr. Beitollahi added, referring to the widespread talks which point to the probable hazardous side of nanotechnology.
"Iran, as a member of the 33 active countries (out of total 43 member countries) within the international nanotechnology standardization committee, is working on three international plans for standardization of nanotechnology. One of these plans has been approved and the two others are being prepared. This is while the US has proposed only two plans to the committee," he said.
"Also, on a national scale, we have coded ten standards regarding nanotechnology and are preparing another set of ten." Dr. Beitollahi stated.
Source: FARS News Agency
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