Posted: November 3, 2007

CEMMNT updates the UK MNT micro and nanotechnology metrology road map

(Nanowerk News) The latest technology road map for UK micro and nano metrology is now available to download from the case studies section of the CEMMNT (Centre of Excellence in Metrology for Micro and NanoTechnologies) website. The document contains input from broad spectrum of metrology users, policy makers, instrument manufacturers and consultants from industry, academia and government.
The road map identifies future direction for nanometrology in the UK based on current gaps in technology, awareness, training and funding. Barriers to progress are identified together with recommendations on how these can be successfully overcome.
A UK technology roadmap in nanometrology was first carried out in September 2004, as part of a wider programme, organized by the MNT Network, to identify gaps in different aspects of nanotechnology.
Since that time some of the recommendations made in that report have been acted upon. An important step was setting up the Centre of Excellence in Metrology for Micro and Nano Technologies (CEMMNT) to provide industry with open access to measurement and characterization equipment and expertise, as well as design and systems engineering methodologies. In addition, there has been progress with providing training in nanotechnology, and specifically nanometrology.
Following the original report, the European Gateway for Nanotechnology ( produced a comprehensive report on nanometrology in the EU, which is a forerunner for the Seventh Framework Programme that has seen a substantial increase in funding for different aspects of nanotechnology.
Source: CEMMNT
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